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            Сегодня, т.е. 12 февраля 2013 года на Советской площади Саранска, у памятника вождю мирового пролетариата Владимира Ильича Ленина состоялась встреча с единомышленником ВКонтакте с Масловым Алексеем Сергеевичем из Курска. На встрече обсудили вопросы о необходимости формирования нового коммунистического движения, в качестве альтернативы  соглашателю Зюганову.
Встреча у памятника В.И.Ленину на Советской площади Саранска

            Последователь учения
            Юриста В.И. Ленина
            Юрист Елаев Иван Александрович, телефон: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru
THE JULY REVOLUTION - the protection of the ideas of social justice
             In July 2011 finally revealed opportunism Zyuganov, reflecting the interests of the bourgeoisie within the Communist movement. Finally evident that Zyuganov seeks to benefit only for himself in harm to the cause of building communism, to save the power and re-enter the State Duma of Russian Federation. Posing as the defender of the working man, and acting on behalf of the Communist party, Zyuganov with the bourgeoisie hinders the passage of the power of the representatives of the working people, giving seats in the Duma representatives of business, what discredits the socialist idea. To do this, out of the Communist Party of Russian Federation expelled activists that, in the elections to legislative bodies on party lists is the abolition of the right to free elections to legislative bodies. Appeals in the courts and other organs of the state make it impossible to protect the right to free elections, and consequently the right to establish laws himself for working people. The most striking example of the abolition of the authorities the right to free elections to legislative bodies - is the example of making and using the election commissions in the 2007 election in Mordovia, the second and nowhere registered voting papers.
             In spite of my presentation to the authorities of the second and nowhere registered voting papers, guilties did not suffer from punishment. Moreover, Merkushkin in whose interest was released this second edition of the voting papers, the president was re-appointed for another term head of the republic Mordovia. These facts testify to the complete abolition of the rights of working people for free elections.
             Conclusions from this - if the authorities did not accepted by any public measures to prevent violations of people's right to free elections to legislative bodies by the example of manufacture and use of electoral commissions in the 2007 election in Mordovia, the second and nowhere registered voting papers and none of the perpetrators to responsibility is not involved, it means second edition of the voting papers did everywhere. Found the existing system of abolition of the rights of the people to free elections to legislative bodies. Accordingly, if the government abolished the right of people to free elections - that and, consequently, there is no recognition of the legitimacy of the government itself with all its consequences.
             At the same time, the bourgeois Zyuganov's Communist Party, began get rid of the Communist Party activists, who unmasked the authorities in the abolition the right of people to free elections. These examples illustrate the coordinated actions of the bourgeois Zyuganov's part of Communist Party against the interests of working people.
             That is why the followers of the teachings of Lenin, as opposed to the bourgeois Zyuganov's Communist Party and for protect the ideas of social justice in July 2011 began to form COMMUNIST MOVEMENT REVOLUTIONARY FRONT (abbreviated - CMRF).
             Here is something to strive for CMRF:
             Is established true power of the people. People's authority shall have the right to implement through his referendum. This means that the people realizes its power through a referendum on which decisions are binding and have the force of law after the official publication of the results of the referendum.Any agreement of other bodies is not required. The essence of the implementation of the power of the people through a referendum that the referendum is an expression of popular will, and the referendum commission only the executive bodies are obliged to facilitate and assist in implementing the people's right to a referendum. Any other use is unlawful, that is punishable.
             Is established the right to free elections to legislative bodies. This means that any restriction of this right is illegal, that is punishable.
             Repealed the presumption of innocence to the official. This means - the official responsible. For example, established the fact that the officer has owned more than officially received revenue - he is must to prove in court that the income earned by legal means. Not proven - then he expects the court and the confiscation of property.
             Repealed the presumption of innocence for the oligarchs have received property from the state. This means that the oligarch has received a cement plant at a reduced rate must prove in court that the cement plant was obtained legally. Not proven - he expects the court and the confiscation of property.
             Repealed statute of limitations for prosecution of government officials, judges and prosecutors. That is, these individuals will must to answer for their actions, which managed to hide with the help of his official position and evade responsibility by virtue of statute of limitation of criminal prosecution.
             Is established the election of judges. This means that judges of all courts will be selected on a competitive basis with the possibility of early withdrawal by voters.
             Changing tax policy and taxes is set according to income level. Completely abolished taxes on all types of income, for providing a living wage, and set a decent living wage. Taxes of big business is set to 90%.
             July 2011 is the beginning and starting point for all subsequent events how the ultimate point of feeling of a lack of protection ideas of social justice in other ways. The name itself - REVOLUTIONARY FRONT of speaks for itself - it is about protecting the idea of ​​social justice through REVOLUTION. This means - the REVOLUTION for to protect the idea of ​​social justice is not only not excluded, but recognized in the prevailing conditions of tyranny and oppression as the most effective way. All the responsibility that people was brought to this state rests on the detaining authorities. At the same time, other methods to protect the ideas of social justice are not excluded, since they allow to expose the true essence of the anti-people regime.

             Lawyer Ivan Elaev, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru 
             The chiefs of the Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) begun step by step restrict the rights for court protection. Began with the members of the CPRF, whom has been barred recourse to the courts for protect own rights. One of these facts was described me in article "About Zyuganov in The European Court of Human Rights" (!!! on Russian !!!). Set out the requirements for the bringing to justice of Zyuganov under Article 136 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation over restriction the rights for court protection of labor rights.
            How important the rights of citizens for court protection seen from contents of the article 56 part 3 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Restriction this right not allowed under no circumstances, even in period emergency situations.
             It is noteworthy that criminal liability under Article 136 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for violation of the equality of rights and freedoms of man and citizen was introduced on the initiative of the CPRF. This article of the Criminal Code applies to Chapter 19, establishing criminal responsibility for crimes against the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen.
             This fact shows about different approach of the chiefs of the CPRF for court protection. If it suits them - then it maybe. If it's against their interests - that is impossible. Restriction of the right to court protection the chiefs of the CPRF began with their own party members. Will pass it deal with party members, not far from general restrictions the right to court protection. Danger of restrictions on rights to court protection, is that after this we left only with batons waving for defending against various attacks of the chiefs of the CPRF.
             We are too often confronted with the violation of human rights. Not always wondering us, why the innocent sitting for years in custody, but think about it necessary. One problem, is that the laws are taking such as Zyuganov, establishing for himself parliamentary immunity from prosecution, and thus lawlessness for others. Only the real responsibility for the violation of constitutional rights is the effective method of protection. Zyuganov also must bear responsibility equally with others. Being a deputy has envisaged the possibility of house arrest in criminal cases - means the measure can be applied in respect of him. Otherwise, we deprived of effective remedies, and also sets discrimination based on official status.
            Institution parliamentary immunity and need the procedure consent for criminal prosecution contradicts the equality of human and citizen rights.
             I again declare about hardness own intentions to reach Strasbourg and in the case of Zyuganov's prosecution under Article 136 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation over restriction the rights for court protection of labor rights. At this time in the Lenin district court of Saransk considered my appeal about finding illegal omission Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on my requirement to initiate a criminal case against Zyuganov.
            Very strange acted the employees of prosecutor's office in Mordovia. My requirement about combating violations of the Constitution of the Russian Federation from regional branch of the CPRF was sent for official, which does not competent to make such decisions. Actions of the employee of prosecutor's I has appealed to the Attorney general of Russia. With such ambiguous approach, remember, how this same the employee of prosecutor's has distinguished in the period establishment of a dominant position moksha and even received a promotion.

             Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru
25 January 2011 @ 03:28 am
              In May, 1980 year I was accepted as a candidate for membership of the Communist Party of Soviet Union. Since then, I am fighting for the ideas of communism, including for ideas of the general equality. Participated in election campaigns on the side of the Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF), even was the representative of the presidential candidate of Russia of chairman of the Central Committee of the CPRF Zyuganov GA.
             During the election campaigns the voters voiced complaints that the chiefs of the CPRF go to power to have a good income, and not for the idea. Due to the fact that I myself was involved to advancement in the power of the representatives of the chiefs of the CPRF, and also to warn others from of errors, now I will compare incomes of some representatives of the CPRF against of incomes the average in Russia and the average pension in Russia.
            For example, the chairman of the Central Committee of CPRF Zyuganov GA and the member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPRF Romanov VS in 2009 received a incomes of more than two million rubles each (site of the State Duma of Russia). The proximity of power allowed they to obtain such income (they both are members of the Committee of State Duma of Russia). Now compare their incomes against of incomes the average in Russia, which in 2009 were equal to 16,857 rubles per month (site of the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia). As we can see, the representatives of the chiefs of the CPRF received a incomes in 2009 is 10 times higher than incomes the average in Russia. Clearly far from equality. If give an example of average pensions in Russia in 2009, we understand why chiefs of the CPRF so much wants to stay in power. Because in 2009 the average of pensions amounted to 6,177.4 rubles per month (site of the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia). The difference in more than 100 times. How we can to speak, without emotion, with facts in hand, we can see who for what to fought and how lives chiefs of the CPRF. Definitely that neither Zyuganov nor Romanov (who incidentally is the curator of Mordovia in the CPRF faction in the State Duma) clearly do not want to be with us to be equal. This is evidenced by even the fact that not one or the other have not abandoned their incomes and have not agreed to receive in 2009 for 16,857 rubles per month. Therefore, they both wish to stay in power.
Inscription on the picture:
"Election of the President of the Russian Federation
March 2, 2008
Ivan Alexandrovich
is representative of Zyuganov GA
of the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation
Secretary of the Central Election
Commission of the Russian Federation                 N.E.Konkin"

Lawyer Yelayev Ivan Alexandrovich, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.Yelayev@gmail.com
26 September 2010 @ 06:06 pm
               First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the head of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the State Duma of the Russian Federation Zyuganov G.A. today, that is on September, 26th, 2010 by me he is excluded from list of friends VKontakte.
              The base for this - is indecision and inconsistency of a management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in protection of interests of the working people.
              In the absence of ruggedness, resoluteness, and sequence in protection of interests of workers from a management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation those who opposes an arbitrariness of the authorities - ordinary active workers of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and citizens of the Russian Federation are endangered from the committing excesses authorities.
             Me as the member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation connected with party more of 30 years as the representative of a family party dynasty where in party consist except me my father - the veteran of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, both my sons, and our family party dynasty in total connected with party almost 90 years, extremely is revolted with absence what or information on a site of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation concerning nominees on a post of the Head of Republic Mordovia offered for the President of the Russian Federation.
             I consider such inactivity by leaving of a management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation from political struggle.

              Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru
25 September 2010 @ 01:21 pm
             Shortly before the termination of a term of appointment of the head of region Putin began to praise Mordovia. I constantly living in Mordovia had a question — And why?

             Whether not therefore that during election campaign at elections of deputies of 2007 in Mordovia election committees has been made and the second, not considered circulation of ballots was used. Then Putin to Mordovias, heading list of "United Russia", has received on some polling districts of 100 % of votes. Simultaneously the list of regional compartment "United Russia" was headed by Merkushkin.
              Probably in it the reason of so active support for Putin Merkushkins also is covered. Here it the Mordovian mode to be in the authorities — the second and anywhere not considered circulation of ballots. Certainly the authorities of the infringements also hasn't noticed. While has put at elections of deputies of 2007 is in the European Court of Human Rights.
               What will be a choice of the President on nominees on a post of the Head of Mordovia it will be known in the near future. However, the establishment of an irremovability of the authorities will inevitably cause social intensity, will entail still большее falling of authority of the power, will lead to opposition between the authorities and a society.
              And as a final analysis — search by a society of adequate methods of change of the power.

              Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru
16 September 2010 @ 12:32 pm
               The reference to the European Court of Human Rights hasn't helped.

              In connection with the arisen questions concerning death of my spouse I want to explain that my estimation in this part purely subjective, proceeding from that emotional condition in which I am now. Therefore, to avoid unreasonable conclusions I will try to be based on the facts.
              To understand an event it is necessary to start with the previous events, (which already were) and the subsequent (which will be after that).
              Shortly before death of my wife, she made a complaint to the authorities concerning poor-quality medical aid. She reached the European Court of Human Rights, and on May, 27th, 2010 her complaint is registered as the Complaint № 11152/10 Yelaeyva v. Russia. From an applied copy of the notice of Secretary of the European Court of Human Rights under human rights from May, 27th, 2010 it is visible. he asked Court to recovery of money for medical aid necessary for her, and to compensate moral damage which was caused by poor-quality medical aid.
              Next, my wife has died in the hospital. The reference to the European Court of Human Rights hasn't helped for her.
               Now we will return to some events which were before. Both incidents with multiton car "KAMAZ" directly are connected with my wife, as in both cases I under her request carried her on the my personal car, and in the second case she also was in my car. The first of incidents — is attack by multiton car "KAMAZ" on February, 17th, 2010. The second of incidents — is repetition on July, 15th, 2010.
              However, the fatal role has played is especially long illegal criminal prosecution under the relation to me on forged criminal case № 14794.
              Next, I consider that this sort of events will occur and further, from a permission and with the connivance of the authorities. As the death of my wife it too result of a policy, and she is the next victim of political system.
             Example of the reference to the European Court of Human Rights proves absence of legal modes of protection.
             For protection of the my life the departure from Mordovia I do not exclude. 

             Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru

              In the my article «THE MORDOVIAN OFFICIALS DO NOT NEED THE HUMANITARIAN HELP» (!!! On Russian language !!!) from 9/3/2010 was informed one more proof that interests of the simple people are alien to the authorities of Mordovia expressed in seating on a rubbish dump in vicinities of capital of Mordovia of cargo of the humanitarian help for those who has lost all in a fire. I had been made the message to go to this rubbish dump and to make photos of the thrown out cargo.
              However, in it I was already outrun by program "Vesti" (the popular news program on Russian TV)

              On their video it is visible that on the rubbish dump have thrown out things intended for that who has lost all in fire, more than it is possible to put in multiton car "KAMAZ".
              Here the next proof, that the authorities of Mordovia neglects interests of the people. The guarantor of the Constitution of Republic Mordovia Merkushkin should bear responsibility for this first of all. Only for this fact it is necessary to demand its resignation from a post of the Head of Republic Mordovia, and this offer is directed to the President of the Russian Federation. 

Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru
01 September 2010 @ 02:46 am
             According to article 10 of The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right includes the freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart information and ideas without any intervention from state structures.
            I will speak about some examples of absence freedom of expression in Mordovia now. I quote criminal case materials № 14794 which was fabricating on me in 1998 year, a 8 years long, in the absence of crime structure. On criminal case pages 82-84 № 14794 there is a decision from August, 31st, 1998 about excitation of the petition for prolongation of term of preliminary investigation on criminal case № 14794 till 5 months, that is till November, 5th, 1998. The decision has been made by the chief of investigatory department Kochkurovsky ROVD. In the decision the illegal argument about performance of a crime by me has been specified, and the head of research department Kochkurovsky ROVD asks the public prosecutor of republic Mordovia to prolong the term of preliminary investigation on criminal case № 14794 for five months, so that to collect characterizing material and to bring charge to me. The public prosecutor of Republic Mordovia Senkin P.Е. has given the consent on September, 3rd, 1998 for illegal attraction me to a criminal liability also has prolonged preliminary investigation terms on criminal case № 14794. I will write for an example of the citation from this decision about prolongation of term of preliminary investigation so that it was clear why me so assiduously pursued on this criminal case. Here that public prosecutors and interrogators have counted illegal. Literally: "...together with Elaev I.A., together at entrances of 4 floor houses, scattered newspapers ..., so that inhabitants didn't vote for the head of Republic Merkushkin N..."
             Really, whether it is possible to agitate against Merkushkin's election by the head of Mordovia?
             Really, whether it is possible to agitate against Merkushkin's election by the head of Mordovia?Collapse )

Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru

Sorry if this is a bit OT, but a LJ community like elitedebate will help round-out my survey!

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All that I ask is that you answer the questions honestly.

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02 July 2006 @ 02:05 am
I was browsing the internet the other day, and I found THIS VIDEO. It is a 1hr+ documentary that addresses the point of view that 11 September 2001 could have been set up by the United States government. If you have time to watch it, I highly recommend it. It's worth seeing just to get an idea of that side of the story. Albeit, it does have some holes, as any argument may.

Is this just another documentary worth shrugging off? Or do you think more people should actually watch these kind of things and more seriously consider them?

On a second (and much more light hearted) note, if anyone is following, who are you rooting for to win the FIFA World Cup?
02 July 2006 @ 01:08 am
Hey everyone, I'd like to get this community back up and running. But before I can start such a process I am going to do a bit of housekeeping. For starters I've changed the layout and am going to move the rules from the user info page. Instead I will provide a link to the rules from the userinfo page. All very interesting news to you I'm sure.

At any rate, there is a lot going on these days, and as such I think it'd be great to get some discussion going. I think I am going to start a steady weekly discussion post. So members will always have something each week to talk about. Of course, if you have anything that you would like to bring to the table that is welcome too. Naturally.

Beneath the cut I have a bunch of rules that everyone is used to seeing by now. So feel free to ignore them if you are already a member of the community. Just an update.

RULESCollapse )
22 October 2005 @ 11:30 pm
on behalf of the Fearless Faux Colonial Marine Corps i must announce that after 2000 years of fun and games philosophy is over. return to your homes and families and do something productive with your lives. stop taking these dumb arguements seriously do something productive. you'll enjoy it trust me.

i am glad someone has finally woken up to this fact and is willing to speak up about it. we give our Faux brothers credit for this and for finally exposing philosophy debate for the joke that it is. banning people and censorship isn't the answer.

the war may be over but the Imperial Colonies of Faux are still recruiting as before. join us and you will be one step closer to not being a philosophy geek anymore. we're hear to help!

19 August 2005 @ 12:48 pm
I have spent the last year (on & off) trying to work my mind around Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. I have been drawn to this work because I disagree with it strongly, without being able to fully understand why or how to put that disagreement into words. Also, I have the deepest respect for what W attempts; that most audacious of all philosophical endeavors, to build a complete system from first principles.

I think I can begin to articulate my main problem with this work, at least in broad strokes.Collapse )
01 August 2005 @ 03:13 pm
I recently witnessed a televised eating contest which, judging from what I can remember about the naming, is an annual hot-dog eating contest. Personally I was so revolted by this spectacle that I watched to see who won. The winner was a man who consumed 45+ hot dogs (and buns). (I think it was 45, I know for a fact is was more than 40.) This clearly takes it beyond the bounds of what could normally be viewed as a celebratory meal/feast.

Seeing it made me consider the opinion that such a contest should be disallowed and potentially considered a crime against humanity, though that is a very extreme side to take given the current state of the world. I believe such a contest offers no positive contributions to our society while condoning - even encouraging and rewarding - the following detriments:

1) Overeating.

2) Excessive waste of survival commodities. (Partially linked to #1 but not entirely.) Contrary to any marketing claims food is and always has been limited in availability.

3) Boasting to neighbors, continental and abroad, that there is enough food in this nation to fuel an eating contest while other countries suffer from famine.

While I do not blame Africa's famine (and problems leading up to it) on a yearly eating contest, I do consider such a contest to be reprehensible as well as entirely unnecessary. I would support outlawing them and wonder if you would, also.
07 July 2005 @ 12:43 pm
=Begin Transmission=

To mark the acquisition of the 7th imperial colony (a small nation offering its land for use as a secret military base) of the Banana Empire of Faux, the official flag of each respective colonial province** shall be flown from the tallest object of the colony. The flags depict the not-so-snowflake-unique characters of each province wherever they are flown. A ceremony will be held at each location whenever the sun reaches the 42nd degree from the horizon. The imperial national anthem will be blasted over loudspeakers, along with a 42 spitball & methane cannon salute.

Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of Your Imperial Colony


**with the exception of existentialists where radiation levels remain hazardous
=End Transmission=
25 June 2005 @ 01:40 am
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s% HT@ LPG T8$@ U#8$ hP#Y@H H8IPG xIDPA@#OJ LDA@OJ H8DW@H APA@# P%I W8HO 8U UDW$z L@ L@#@ WPH@ U8# HT@ I@^PH@J O8 L@ TPI H8 OH8A P%I Y@H O8$@HTD%Y H8 @PHK 4G TFO^P%I ^@YY@I U8# U#D@I *TD*E@%K dJ U88WDOTWGJ YP&@ D%K

pO d PH@ $G ID%%@# 8U U#D@I *TD*E@% P%I OAD%P*T|P%I|H8$PH8 OPWPIJ d U@WH 8KEK P^8FH DHK 58L dd&@ Y8H P YDYP%HD* T@PIP*T@J H@##D^W@ YPOH#8D%H@OHD%PW IDO*8$U8#HJ P%I P OFA@#|*#P%EG $88IK 4G A88# TFO^P%I TPI H8 LPWE H8 HT@ *8#%@# OH8#@ RFOH H8 Y@H PLPG U#8$ $@K

d L8%I@#@I DU 8HT@# A#@Y%P%H L8$@% TPI OD$DWP# A#8^W@$O P%I *8FWI%%H UD%I P%GHTD%Y D% $G :FD*E y88YWD%YK d IDI UD%I 8FH HTPH HT@ S8W8%@WWO H#FOH DO UF%ID%Y #@O@P#*T H8 A#@&@%H ^D#HT I@U@*HOJ O8 G8FFWW TP&@ H8 *T@*E DH 8FHK dU G8FF#@ A#@Y%P%H1 dd&@ Y8H H8 #@*8$$@%I OHPGD%Y PLPG U#8$ HT@ S8W8%@W P%I PWW 8HT@# UPOH U88IK dHHO RFOH %8H L8#HT DHK 6FH DU G8FF#@ HT@ TFO^P%I 8U OPDI A#@Y%P%H A@#O8%1 y8 U8# DHJ G8F# *TD*E@% ID%%@# LDWW T@WA xRFOH P WDHHW@z H8 OFAA8#H #@O@P#*T U8# UFHF#@ ^P^D@OK
lTDW@ t@Y@WDP% a#D%*DAW@ O@@O UF%IP$@%HPW *8%H#PID*HD8%O P%I PHH@$AHO H8 #@*8%*DW@ HT@$J DH $@P%H HT@ U8#*@I H#P%OU8#$PHD8% 8U HT@ 8#DYD%PW DI@POK S8F%H@#*8%OH#F*HD8% #@*8Y%D)@O IDUU@#@%HDPHD8% P$DI UF%IP$@%HPW *8$$8%PWDHG P%I PHH@$AHO H8 OT8L T8L IDUU@#@%H DI@8W8YD@O P#@ 8%WG 8AA8O@I H8 @P*T 8HT@# D% PAA@P#P%*@K d% S8F%H@#*8%OH#F*HD8%J 8AA8ODHD8% DO &D@L@I PO P#^DH#P#G| LTPH DO #@PW DO HT@ *8$$8%PWDHG P%I HT@ IDUU@#@%*@O HTPH
$8#@ *P% ^@ #@PI T@#@Collapse )
23 June 2005 @ 11:03 pm
Philosophy is extraneous.

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14 April 2005 @ 11:31 am
Anyone have this on their reading list still?

I might make a few posts in the near future - want to see if it's worth it.