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02 July 2006 @ 01:08 am
Hey everyone, I'd like to get this community back up and running. But before I can start such a process I am going to do a bit of housekeeping. For starters I've changed the layout and am going to move the rules from the user info page. Instead I will provide a link to the rules from the userinfo page. All very interesting news to you I'm sure.

At any rate, there is a lot going on these days, and as such I think it'd be great to get some discussion going. I think I am going to start a steady weekly discussion post. So members will always have something each week to talk about. Of course, if you have anything that you would like to bring to the table that is welcome too. Naturally.

Beneath the cut I have a bunch of rules that everyone is used to seeing by now. So feel free to ignore them if you are already a member of the community. Just an update.

Much like many other communities that centralise around debate, this is an open forum for anyone who wishes to take part. However, this community is set apart from the many others that exist by one factor, and that is that it is reserved for those who wish to take part in intelligent debate. This means that the proper courtesy is expect in addition to the obvious fact that you must weave your arguments in a thoughtful, meaningful, and thorough fashion.

These rules are the same rules that are enforced in other communities, no doubt you have seen them before:

• Don't rant about personal issues unless they're anecdotal in support of a debatable issue. Penalty: Post will be deleted without warning.

• No advertising of anything except political events, actual gatherings related to a debate issue, debate forums of like interest, and the community itself. Penalty: Bannable Offense.

• No memes such as, but not limited to, quiz results; no spam. Penalty: Bannable Offense.

• Any post in violation of LiveJournal.com's Terms of Service will be deleted immediately without warning. Penalty: Bannable Offense.

• All posts must have comments enabled, and be un-screened. This is, after all, a discussion forum. Penalty: Post will be deleted without warning.

• Do not delete any comments if they aren't your own. Penalty: Bannable Offense.

• Posting non-work safe images anywhere on elitedebate is a bannable offense.

• Posts containing hate speech, or remarks encouraging harrassment of other users (as defined in LJ's Terms of Service) will be deleted without warning. Penalty: warning, and deletion if necessary.

• Individual threads are under exemption (save deletion, non-work safe material, hate speech and spamming). Maintainers may delete comments that are deemed to be spamming a thread.

• Any journal that violates these rules will be banned at the moderator's discretion.

By posting an entry to the community, asking to join the community, or commenting on already existing entries, you have stated that you have read and accepted the rules.